Hi! I'm Mario Cappa!

a Web Developer/Designer based in Ontario Canada


feel free to take a look at some of my projects.

Lipa Park

Kingston Humane Society

Delphi Banquets


Italian Ice Cream

Evan Rotella


- admin portal.

- admin login.

/in progress.

works in progress.

Elefante Yoga

This website has a fully functional contact form and a full Admin portal where the admin can add classes, galleries with gallery images and can see all contact inquiries. All records go into a SQL database.

- home.

- about page.

- contact page continued

- admin dashboard.

- add a class.

- home continued.

- contact page.

- login page.

- manage classes.

- edit a class.


just a bit about me

i am a web developer/designer who has a passion for creating beautiful websites, and powerful desktop applications.

a graduate from Niagara College's Computer Programming and Analysis program, and now off making web applications and websites for companies in the GTA and niagara region that they use everyday

i am experienced in developing web applications with fully customized admin portals/dashboards and online e-stores. including the development process as well as the design process


my tech stack


get in touch

i am interested in speaking about any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. feel free to send me an email and we can have a chat on how my skills correlate with your needs.